Canyoning Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before participating in a canyoning adventure with Adrenaline Rush Bali:

Participant Responsibility:

      1. Participants must be in good physical condition and able to engage in outdoor activities.
      2. It is the participant’s responsibility to disclose any relevant medical conditions or injuries before the trip.
      3. We strongly suggest that you utilize a waterproof bag to carry your personal belongings. We provide a waterproof bag for use.

      4. It is strongly advised not to bring any valuable accessories or items that could be easily lost or damaged during the canyoning experience.

      5. Participants must consistently follow the instructions and guidance of our canyoning guides at all times.

Safety Measures:

      1. We prioritize safety and maintain the highest standards of safety protocols.
      2. Participants must wear the provided safety equipment, including helmets, harnesses, shoes, and wetsuits, as instructed by our canyoning guides.
      3. Participants must follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by our canyoning guides.

Booking and Payment:

      1. Bookings for canyoning trips must be made in advance through the Adrenaline Rush Bali website, contacting our office, authorized agency, or your designated guide.
      2. A deposit payment is required at the time of booking to secure your reservation.
      3. We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

For more information about booking terms and conditions, please visit the “Booking Terms & Conditions” page.

Cancellation Policy:

      1. Participants can cancel booking up to a certain period before the scheduled trip, as specified by our cancellation policy.
      2. Cancellation fees may apply, depending on the timing of the cancellation.

Weather and Force Majeure:

      1. Canyoning is subject to weather conditions and safety considerations.
      2. We reserve the right to modify or cancel trips in cases of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


      1. Insurance coverage is included in all canyoning trips.
      2. Participants are covered by Adrenaline Rush Bali’s insurance policy during the canyoning adventure.

Photography and Media:

We may take photos or videos during the canyoning trip for promotional purposes. Participants agree to allow the use of their likenesses in such materials. If you need more information about it, please read our privacy policy.

By participating in a canyoning adventure with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. Your safety and enjoyment are of utmost importance, and we are striving to provide an unforgettable and safe canyoning experience in Bali.

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